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ACC 564 Week 3 Quiz 1 Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 5

Chapter 1   Accounting Information Systems: An Overview


1) Which of the following statements below shows the contrast between data and information?

A) Data is the output of an AIS.

B) Information is the primary output of an AIS.

C) Data is more useful in decision-making than information.

D) Data and information are the same.


Page Ref: 4

Objective:  Learning Objective 1

Difficulty :  Easy

AACSB:  Analytic


2) Information is

A) basically the same as data.

B) raw facts about transactions.

C) potentially useful facts when processed in a timely manner.

D) data that has been organized and processed so that it's meaningful.


Page Ref: 4

Objective:  Learning Objective 1

Difficulty :  Easy

AACSB:  Analytic


Chapter 2   Overview of Transaction Processing and ERP Systems


1) What usually initiates data input into a system?

A) The transaction system automatically checks each hour to see if any new data is available for input and processing.

B) The performance of some business activity generally serves as the trigger for data input.

C) A general ledger program is queried to produce a trial balance at the end of an accounting period.

D) Data is only input when a source document is submitted to the accounting department.


Page Ref: 26

Objective:  Learning Objective 1

Difficulty :  Easy

AACSB:  Analytic


2) An ERP system might facilitate the purchase of direct materials by all of the following except

A) selecting the best supplier by comparing bids.

B) preparing a purchase order when inventory falls to reorder point.

C) routing a purchase order to a purchasing agent for approval.

D) communicating a purchase order to a supplier.


Page Ref: 37

Objective:  Learning Objective 5

Difficulty :  Moderate

AACSB:  Reflective Thinking........................


Chapter 3   Systems Documentation Techniques


1) Graphical representations of information are often supplemented by

A) product specifications.

B) narrative descriptions.

C) logic charts.

D) oral descriptions from management.


Page Ref: 49

Objective:  Learning Objective 1

Difficulty :  Easy

AACSB:  Analytic


2) The correct label for Shape 1 in the flowchart below is.......................


Chapter 5   Computer Fraud


1) Perhaps the most striking fact about natural disasters in relation to AIS controls is that

A) many companies in one location can be seriously affected at one time by a disaster.

B) losses are absolutely unpreventable.

C) there are a large number of major disasters every year.

D) disaster planning has largely been ignored in the literature.


Page Ref: 121

Objective:  Learning Objective 1

Difficulty :  Easy

AACSB:  Analytic


2) Which of the following best describes lapping?

A) Applying cash receipts to a different customer's account in an attempt to conceal previous thefts of cash receipts.

B) Inflating bank balances by transferring money among different bank accounts.

C) Increasing expenses to conceal that an asset was stolen.

D) Stealing small amounts of cash, many times over a period of time.......................

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ACC 564 Quiz 1 - Strayer New

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