BUS 505 Week 5 Discussion Questions – Strayer New


Week 5 DQ 1

"Building and Organizing the Capture Team" Please respond to the following:


•           Analyze the roles and responsibilities of capture team members and determine which two roles could be combined into a single role. Explain your rationale.

•           Analyze the required qualifications of capture team leaders and determine which leadership role best suits you (where you would be the most successful). Explain your rationale.


Week 5 DQ 2

"Contractor Qualifications" Please respond to the following:

•           Assume you were preparing to be a contractor. Identify what you would begin to work on first to sure up your qualifications. As part of this process, analyze the three types of materials used to assess contractor qualifications and determine which types would yield the most viable information. Explain your rationale.

•           Develop a one-paragraph scenario that exemplifies behavior discerning debarment or suspension. Provide specific examples to support your reasoning. Discuss the necessity of such communications.




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BUS 505 Week 5 Discussion Questions - Strayer New

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