BUS 505 Week 8 Discussion Questions – Strayer New


Week 8 DQ 1

"Writing the Winning Proposal" Please respond to the following:

•           Drawing upon your experience writing papers for this class, discuss three additional tips for writing the first draft of a proposal. Provide specific examples to support your response.

•           Evaluate all the elements of writing the proposal outlined in Chapter 12 of the textbook and determine the three most critical elements that are more important than all the others. Explain your rationale.


Week 8 DQ 2

"Tips for Effective Proposal Writing" Please respond to the following:

•           Discuss the degree to which the proposals you found in the e-Activity followed the tips for effective proposal writing found in Chapter 13 of Osborne. Cite where you obtained the proposals. Then, discuss the main area where deviation was present and speculate as to why.

•           Using the criteria presented in Chapter 13 of the textbook for writing effective proposals, rewrite at least one section of a proposal that you identified through the e-Activity and explain why you made those changes.



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BUS 505 Week 8 Discussion Questions - Strayer New

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