BUS 505 Week 9 Discussion Questions – Strayer New


Week 9 DQ 1

"Proposal Reviews" Please respond to the following:

•           Evaluate the list of common cost proposal mistakes based on the recommendations in Chapter 15 of the textbook. Select three from the list, and determine the most likely cause of each. Then, recommend a strategy that either the federal government or offerer could take to avoid the mistake in the future.

•           Determine which proposal review would be the most effective in gaining a competitive advantage based on the reviews in Chapter 15 and explain why. Create a new review that’s not part of the review process listed in Chapter 15 and describe how the review adds value to the process.


Week 9 DQ 2

"Proposal Production and Improper Business Practice" Please respond to the following:


•           Analyze the different types of revisions discussed in Osborne’s “Proposal Reviews” and recommend a completely different review process that would be just as effective or better. Explain your rationale.

•           Analyze the statutes (laws) designed to curtail improper practices and conflicts and make at least one recommendation to improve the current system. Explain your rationale.



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BUS 505 Week 9 Discussion Questions - Strayer New

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